Performance And Relationship Coaching


Louise has been working with PM+M over the last 9 months to help us to define our values and vision in order to take our business forward. She has facilitated sessions with the partnership team, helping us to gain clarity about what is important to us as a team and to the success of the organisation. We now have clearly identified values which define who we are as a business and guide our actions. Louise is now working with us to ensure that we put the theory into practice to become an organisation which stands out amongst our competitors. Louise is an excellent facilitator – she keeps us on track, offers new perspectives and is not afraid to challenge our thinking. I would happily recommend her services to any leadership teams who are seeking clarity on how they want to drive their business forward. Stephen Anderson, Managing Partner PM+M Chartered Accountants


I highly recommend anyone and everyone who wants to know what makes them tick to use Louise's services at Clear Perspectives. Louise is more than a coach/business consultant - she has an amazing ability to read situations and ask the most challenging questions. Louise's coaching has had a huge impact on how I run Northern Star, and as a result I now run a company I am really proud of! Thank you Louise. Leigh Dickinson, M.D. Northern Star Financial Management


Louise carried out a formal values and leadership development exercise for 11 Out Of 10 in May of this year. The results of this exercise gave a profound insight into how each of the two directors prefers to work, plus an insight into their values, i.e. what's important to them, and how they draw satisfaction from their work. Louise was excellent in the way she was able to interpret the analysis, and in the way that she was able to provide some home truths about each individual from working closely with them in this way – I would highly recommend Louise and her work in this area. Vince Holt, Director 11outof10


Louise is an expert in Action Learning, and came highly recommended - MANFLU Ltd have had the benefit of several sessions with her over the last 9 months. Louise not only helps you to ask the right questions but gives you the framework to develop. If you are looking for someone who specialises in values and leadership development - she is it. Jonathan Evans, M.D. MANFLU


Louise is a fantastic person with values! I'm pleased to know her - she boosts my confidence!! I admire her energy and I'm inspired by her. Denise Fletcher, Executive Coach and Trainer / OD Specialist, Enabling Transitions


There are few people with the presence of mind to be able to listen accurately to your situation and then think clearly enough about it to respond in a way that enables you to come to your own conclusions about the best thing to do next. Louise is one of that rare breed and her detailed knowledge of coaching complemented by her work with values makes her one of the best individuals you could possibly choose to help you get where you want to go. Jackie Le Fevre, Owner, Magma Effect


Louise has been facilitating My action learning group for the past 9 months. Louise has been nothing short of fantastic. We have all been very grateful to Louise for her comments / ideas and help. Louise has tried to help all of us in building our businesses. Thank You Martin Day, Director, In The Zone


A good listener, Louise professionally and patiently facilitated my action learning sets on the LEAD course. Her ability to establish the root of a problem through perceptive questioning was impressive, as was her knowledge of different action learning set techniques. I particularly liked her calm, thoughtful yet friendly approach. Amanda Jackson, Director, Tigerfish PR


Through one-to-one coaching, Louise has provided a safe, caring environment where I've been able to explore my feelings, perceptions and options. By questioning and often challenging my responses in a provocative humorous way, Louise has helped me identify what is really important to me, what motivates me and most importantly, how I can direct my thoughts and energy towards actions that will lead me towards my goals. Over the past few years I've undergone some very difficult personal challenges. Throughout this time Louise has been totally supportive. She has encouraged me to continue to believe in myself and not lose sight of my goal to set up a profitable information-rich website and expand my service business. I am now on track to launch the website within the next two months. Louise has a unique blend of skills and real-world business experience which has proved invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and has a desire to set up their own business or expand or improve their business in any way. Sue Kelly BSc, MSc, PCC, PgDHP, MNRHP Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, Professional Certified Coach and Academic Mental Health Mentor