Performance And Relationship Coaching


Do you really know what drives you and those within your organisation? We believe the foundation for organisational success is fully understanding the values, beliefs and strengths of those within the organisation and aligning these with your businesses strategy.

At Clear Perspectives we help you to gain insight into these areas using our unique range of tools and techniques.

A Values Inventory - AVI

The AVI is an online interactive profiling tool which enables us to produce a range of reports which help you to identify and understand the Top 10 Values of you and your teams. Insight into your values gives an immense opportunity to understand the key to personal motivation and performance and provides a solid platform from which to make sound business decisions.

The AVI, established now for 25 years is a fully scientifically validated profiling instrument which is fast becoming the leading values tool worldwide. To understand more about the origins of AVI click here or contact us through our on-line enquiry form.

Clear Perspectives is one of only 4 companies in the UK licensed to use AVI.

LIFO ® Strength Management Profiling

We use LIFO® Strength Management Profiling as a diagnostic tool for clients. The easy-to-use Personal Style Survey can be completed on-line and highlights your preferred way of doing things both in favourable circumstances and under stress.

This insight helps us understand our strengths, where we might be going wrong and what is stopping us from achieving even higher performance. The Lifo® method provides an objective and invaluable basis for our personal development. For more information about the Life Orientations® method and the organisations who have used it please visit or complete our on-line enquiry form.

One to One and Team Coaching, and Workshops

Whether we are working with individuals or teams we also have a number of other methods for helping you understand your values, beliefs and strengths and how they impact upon your performance. Using coaching and workshops we work with you to identify those values which drive your business and help you to understand how to apply them throughout the organisation.

So if you want to be clear about your strengths, what is holding you back and what motivates you contact us now on 01200 445255 for a free no-obligation consultation